Press FAQ

Information for students and staff concerning COVID-19 measures and policies.

At Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, we are doing all we can to stop COVID-19. We are following the instructions from the Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen) - both in the classroom and in social situations at school. We encourage both staff and students to download the “Smitte Stop” app so that we can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Here, you will find our FAQ concerning COVID-19 measures at Niels Brock. Remember to always contact your own GP or the Danish Health Authority’s Corona hotline at 7020 0233 if you have questions about COVID-19 as Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College cannot provide you with medical advice. 

If you have tested positive, please notify the COVID19 Contingency Group at Bispetorvet at stating your full name, class, and cell phone number.

You can find additional information about COVID-19 safety measures on the Danish Health Authority website here


From 1 February 2022, it is no longer a requirement to wear a facemask or visor. However, you’re welcome to wear it if desired.

Please isolate at home, get a Quick test/ PCR-test, and advise your schoolmates to get tested if yours is positive.

Please isolate at home and advise your schoolmates to get tested.

If your positive test result stems from a Quick Test, you’re also recommended to take a PCR-test. You can book a PCR-test if you have a Danish social security number (CPR).

If you have had symptoms

  • When your symptoms are gone, and you have been in isolation for at least 4 days.

No symptoms

  • If you have not had any symptoms, you can stop self-isolating 4 days after taking the test.

What to do if someone you live with is infected (or someone you have been close to, e.g., your girlfriend/boyfriend or overnight guests):

  • It’s a recommendation to take a quick test or PCR-test 3 days after the near contact was tested positive.
  • You’re only recommended to self-isolate if you develop symptoms.
  • If you have had COVID-19 within the last 8 weeks (from the date you tested positive), you do not have to get tested unless you experience symptoms.

Being absent from school due to COVID-19 is treated as being absent due to any other illness. That means that it will be registered as absence and that the normal absence rules apply. So, you will be registered as being absent if you are ill.

However, specifically, for January and February 2022 you will not be sanctioned for COVID-19 related absence.

We encourage you to review the current rules and regulations from the Danish Health Authority here Danish Health Authority (