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Graduate Certificate in International Business

(CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS) We offer a one year Pre-Master programme, our Graduate Certificate in International Business, which qualifies students to apply for admission to the Master's Degree in International Business and Management at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College or the De Montfort University.

We are currently not accepting new students at this programme!


Why take a Pre-Master?

  • Live, work and study in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Take a one-year programme which prepares you for a Master Degree 
  • Study at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Denmark's oldest business college



Application Deadline: April 23, 2019


Application Deadline: October 1, 2019

Programme Information

The Graduate Certificate in International Business (Pre-Master) programme is the latest addition to the programme portfolio of De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, to also be offered at the international department of Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College. Niels Brock has been delivering De Montfort University BA/BSc (Hons) undergraduate programmes in Denmark since 1998 and the MSc International Business and Management programme was successfully introduced in Copenhagen in 2011.

The Graduate Certificate in International Business is exclusively aimed at students who wish to qualify for admission to the MSc International Business and Management degree programme offered at Niels Brock in Copenhagen and De Montfort University in Leicester. The programme is particularly designed for students who need to strengthen their business and/or language competences. It has a double mission: To function as a conversion course for students with a previous business related background and to act as a stepping stone for students who need to strengthen their academic or linguistic qualifications.

The GCIB programme is fully taught in English by experienced Niels Brock international faculty.

The Graduate Certificate in International Business (Pre-Master) programme is a graduate level 6 course in accordance with Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (FHEQ).

The programme is a British two-semester university graduate certificate course of 120 UK credits, equivalent to 60 ECTS. It is exclusively designed for students seeking admission to the MSc International Business and Management degree programme offered by De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, and by De Montfort University and Niels Brock in Copenhagen, Denmark. Similar Graduate Certificate programmes are offered at other British universities.

De Montfort University programmes and partnerships are quality assured by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). To comply with Danish regulations on the provision of Higher Education programmes aimed at international students, approval has been obtained from the Danish State Evaluation Institute, Danmarks Evalueringsinstitut (EVA).

At the request of Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, The MSc International Business and Management degree, offered at Niels Brock, has been evaluated by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE, 教育部留学服务中心). CSCSE is currently not able to grant an authentication in full for the MSc Programme offered at Niels Brock but has agreed to supply MSc graduates and potential employers with supplementary information regarding the authentication as a valid alternative. Please contact CSCSE directly for further information and assistance.

Please note

The DMU programmes offered at Niels Brock are regularly evaluated by The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA). The EVA approvals have a validity of three years and have a direct impact on the issuing of student visas by the Danish Immigration Authorities. Student visas cannot be issued beyond the validity period of the EVA approvals.

Student visas may not cover the full period of study in the years where individual DMU programmes are being re-evaluated by EVA. Therefore, students must apply for a visa extension covering the period of study exceeding the current EVA approval.

Please note that the Danish Immigration Authorities will charge the standard processing fee for the visa extension and that family reunification visas will also have to be extended.

Niels Brock will provide all supplementary documentation free of charge, but does not fund any visa processing fees charged by the Danish Immigration Authorities.

Future EVA evaluations:

  • BA (Hons) Business Administration: May 2020
  • Graduate Certificate in International Business (pre-master): March 2021
  • MSc International Business and Management: April 2019

For further information regarding visa extensions, please visit New to Denmark or contact the Danish Immigration Authorities directly.

You can download the current GCIB curriculum below. New editions are issued on a regular basis, so please note that the curriculum is subject to change.

Download the curriculum (2018/2019)

Download the curriculum (2017/2018)

Download the curriculum (September 2016)

A pass mark of 40% is required in each module.

Students who do not satisfy the minimum award criteria are entitled to re-sit failed modules (<40%) totalling 60 UK credits

Upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in International Business, students with an average of 50% or higher are  guaranteed a place on one of the following De Montfort University Master´s programmes: 

MSc International Business and Management (also offered in Copenhagen)
MSc International Business and Human Resource Management
MSc International Business and Finance
MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship
MSc International Business and Corporate Social Responsibility
MSc Marketing Management
MSc Project Management

For further details on assessment and progression, go to Programme Handbook.



Application deadlines for students

1st semester fee to be paid before
International students applying for a Danish residence permit from non-EU countries April 23, 2019                 May 15, 2019             
International students applying for a Danish residence permit from EU countries June 1, 2019                        August 1, 2019                        



Application deadlines for students

1st semester fee to be paid before
International students applying for a Danish residence permit from non-EU countries October 1, 2019                 October 15, 2019             
International students applying for a Danish residence permit from EU countries November 1, 2019                        December 1, 2019                        


 * Programme places are limited, so please apply as soon as possible in order to secure a place.


  • an international BA/BSc 3rd class degree, or
  • a Danish (Professional) Bachelor degree with 2-4 grade average, or
  • equivalent international qualifications, and
  • minimum IELTS 5.0 (overall band score) and 5.0 in all four categories (listening, reading, writing, speaking), or equivalent English language proficiency exam
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Passport (must be valid for the duration of your studies)


The online application form should be submitted in accordance with the deadlines above. Early booking is recommended.

Admission decisions will be announced no later than 2 weeks after the application deadline.

If the applicant is accepted into the programme, a Letter of Acceptance including payment details will be sent to the email address provided in the application form.

Within one week of having received the payment, Niels Brock will send a signed ST1 residence permit application form by email, allowing the applicant to begin the visa application process.



We only accept online applications.

For further information, please contact us by e-mail:

The current full tuition fee is: DKK 90,000/EUR 12,200.

You may download the price list and payment information below for a full overview of instalments, refunds, additional fees, payment deadlines etc.

Please note that prices and deadlines may vary between different intakes.


The De Montfort University Graduate Certificate (GCIB) Programme at Niels Brock offers three Diversity Scholarships (a total of DKK 27,000) to qualified GCIB applicants.

The purpose of the Niels Brock Diversity Scholarship is to encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute their perspectives to the programme. Niels Brock values diversity in all aspects of its institution, particularly in its student body, and seeks to bolster the experience of all students through cross-cultural communication and the exchange of ideas. 


  1. Applicants must be accepted into the GCIB program and have received their Letter of Acceptance
  2. An applicant must be a member of a group not well-represented within the Niels Brock community
  3. An applicant must be interested in actively contributing to the mission and goals of Niels Brock
  4. The scholarship recipients will be selected based upon their academic merit, letter of motivation and letter of recommendation

The goal of the selection process is to identify students who demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership, as well as those with unusual aptitudes, uncommon talents and special gifts of creativity or entrepreneurial insight. Financial need is not a consideration.  

How to apply 

  1. Applicants should submit a personal, relevant and well-articulated letter of motivation (max.1 A4 page) describing their achievements and initiatives and should elaborate on the applicant’s success within their academic or professional life.  
  2. Applicants should submit a recommendation letter from a professor/teacher, manager or counselor/adviser signed by the individual writing the letter.

These documents should be sent to as a single pdf file. Please name this file "NB-Diversity-SEP19_your full name".

Scholarship application deadline 

December 1, 2019 

What next 

Scholarship applications will be screened and assessed by the GCIB Scholarship Committee in consultation with the Postgraduate Faculty. Applicants will be informed of the outcome within a month of the submission deadline. If a scholarship is granted, it will administratively be deducted from your second semester fee.


For January 2019 intake: The induction week is planned to commence on January 21, followed by the study start on January 28.

Further to this a new course begins in September 2019 with induction week planned to commence on 16 September, followed by the study start on 23 September.


An online application form should be submitted in accordance with the deadlines provided in the Application and Admission section. As interest is high, early booking is recommended. Admission decisions are typically made within 10 to 12 weeks after all the application materials have been received. If the applicant is accepted into the programme, a Letter of Acceptance including payment details will be sent to the email address provided in the application form. Within one week of having received the payment, Niels Brock will send a signed ST1 residence permit application form by email, allowing the applicant to begin the visa application process. For more information, visit our Application and Admission section.


Please visit our Prices and Payment section.


GCIB students have the possibility to apply for scholarships. For more information, visit our scholarship sections.


This depends on your class registration. All students will be divided into morning and afternoon classes. Lessons in the morning classes will be usually Mondays-Fridays, 8:00-12:00, while lessons in the afternoon classes will usually be held Mondays-Fridays, 13:00-17:00. 1st semester students will attend lessons 5 days per week, while 2nd semester students will attend lessons 4 days per week. Please note that changes may occur.For more information, visit our Timetable section.


Tutors are English-speaking Niels Brock professional Higher Education lecturers and instructors from Danish and international business and industry, all approved by De Montfort University.For more information, visit our Academic Staff page.


Instruction is based on a combination of lectures, workshops and cases reflecting academic models and international business practice.


Yes. Attendance is obligatory and will be monitored closely. In case of long-term absence (more than three consecutive days), students must contact the Programme Manager. You may download the standard procedure for absence registration here.


Student performance is assessed on a combination of module coursework and end-of-module exams. Most exams consist of a 2 or 3 hour closed-book written test.


A formal British university ceremony will be held in the presence of representatives of De Montfort University and honoured guests in Copenhagen. The date for the coming graduation is 25 August 2017.

If you want to get in touch with a local agent that can help you get more information about studying at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, you can find their contact information here.

Code of Conduct

Sample Agency Agreement

"Coming from such cultural background where teacher is the authority and the students obey. In this university, however there is a feeling of equality and independence. I found the faculty members and the teachers are exceptionally supportive and the education provided the incredible value to me as a student which is always uplifting and motivating. I get opportunity to develop the academic and the communication skills from this course that i can use over a life time to improve writing. so i am extremely glad to be a part of GCIB programme at Niels Brock."

Sulochana Adhikari, Graduate GCIB programme 2016 September intake


“One of the reasons I choose this program was because it allowed me to develop my skills to develop study skills and apply those learning outcomes for the MSc in International Business. I was wondering if I would be able to get success, but the learning atmosphere and material (related, updated business issues) provided were outstanding by the tutors and the institute in my entire study helped me a lot. It has enabled me with various knowledge on theories and models to apply them internally and externally in an organization as well as in my individual daily life”.

Many different managers from the Danish company, Banks also company visit inspired me to study and research in the field of the business world. Visiting a company has provided the knowledge of how the production line works, and the importance of time was acknowledged for the future. And those interested individuals who are curious to make carrier in business/managers world, I recommend you join this institute, I do believe this will be your great opportunity to study here.”

Basanta Bhandari, GCIB Graduate -2017


“Choosing NB was like studying facility location in my logistics lectures. I had to do a tremendous amount of research. I chose NB due to its reputation in the global market, value for degree, and vibrant teaching processes. The very international nature of students on the course had also been a major plus both in terms of making new friends from different countries and cultures to helping understanding modules. The lectures and tutorials were interesting and academically stimulating, and applied to real-world case studies which is extremely useful.”

As a business student with an interest in international business, having language and cultural experience is vital to my career success. At NB, opportunities to immerse myself in both of those key experiences are bountiful. The cultural encounters experienced through study at NB were invaluable for personal, academic, and career development. I learned so much about myself and others and the competencies needed for cultural interaction not only through classes and communication with teachers, but also through interactions with natives of the country, exploration, and cultural excursions. These uncommon skills will differentiate me in the career market, give me a competitive edge, and ultimately carry me toward success in the international business world.

I can honestly say that the NB has changed my life. I am expected to conduct research, use technology to complete tasks, work across departments to meet tight deadlines, and, most importantly, think critically about the work I do. While my working schedule is quite different from that of a student, the work itself is very consistent with the course work. The faculty gave me numerous opportunities to work in teams, conduct research, form my own opinions, and learn and use technology.”

Bikash Timilsena, GCIB Graduate from 2017


“Being an international student, I was concerned about the managing up with the new multi-cultural environment and new educational system, which was entirely new for me. But the faculty was very experienced and supportive in our every stage in perusing the course. We can have frequent sessions with our lectures regarding our doubts about the subject and how we can progress with our subject and course. We used to get regular feedback from our lectures regarding our course work and presentations which helps us to improve our writing and presentation skills.  I had a great experience working as a group with students from different countries where we used to share our views and thoughts regardless of which country we belong…. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all our lectures specially our program coordinator who has been more than a lecture to us. She has been a great motivation and inspiration to us throughout our course. I had wonderful 1 year being a part of GCIB program in Niels Brock.“

Ena Thapa, GCIB Graduate from 2017

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College is committed to create a genuinely international experience for students studying in Denmark. This is reflected both in the content of our programmes and in the student body. Learn more about the nationalities of our students.


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