About Copenhagen Business College

The history of Copenhagen Business College dates back more than 140 years. Learn about the story, values, organization, and educations offered by the most innovative and international educational institution in Denmark.

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To cut a long story short… 

Niels Brock has been around for many years, but that doesn’t stop us from improving and renewing the business school. We simply refuse to let up and run on routine. Instead, we strive to continue to develop and incorporate the latest knowledge and technologies in our educational methods. Combining traditions built up over decades with new methods results in a solid and contemporary education that prepares students for the next step in their careers and provides them with the right competences for the corporate world.

Core values

At Niels Brock, we aim to create a climate for intellectual and scholarly growth. Diversity and inclusion are keys to ensuring that we offer a business education of the highest caliber. Niels Brock is committed to diversity in all its dimensions, including a diverse representation at the university, a diverse community of viewpoints and backgrounds, and an acceptance of the complex identities within all individuals affiliated with the university.  Niels Brock believes that the institution will be stronger as a result of a diverse population of students, faculty, staff, and board members. Niels Brock values all individuals who seek to participate and improve on our higher education community regardless of national origin, gender, age, socioeconomic class, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, and disability.

Mission and Vision

Niels Brock strives to offer relevant educational opportunities, which provide the Danish business world with competitive competences necessary.


At Niels Brock, we commit ourselves to be ambitious and persistent when developing and offering relevant educational opportunities, which:

  • Provide the Danish business world with the right competences
  • Optimizes the opportunities for individual students.

This is Niels Brock’s contribution to the Danish competitive power.


The ambition of Niels Brock is to be the most international and innovative business college in Denmark – recognized for our employees who optimize and facilitate the learning process of students.