Testimonials & program evaluations


“The diversity of the lectures throughout this education has provided me with a wide knowledge on various theories to be applied when working with different functions both internally in a company, as well as externally with different stakeholders. The education has truly been an eye-opener and has developed me as a person. I have gained a deeper understanding of the world which surrounds me. Professionally, the education has enabled me to combine theory and practice in my everyday life – thereby boosting my career. I warmly recommend this education if you wish to develop yourself at multiple levels, and if you wish to take your career to another level.” - Kasper Gustafsson, BA graduate 2014/Finance Stream, Business Controller for Coop

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"The last year has been an eye-opener of dimensions. Not only have I been challenged academically, but I have also been forced to learn to work together with people from different cultures, which has opened my eyes to new global aspects in a positive and developing way. It has been a very hard and demanding year - but nevertheless a year that has given me more opportunities and dreams for the future, than I had ever hoped for." - Clara Mai Kunstmann, BA 2005, Strategy & Management Stream, Head of Digital Development TV2 Danmark A/S


"As a business student with an interest in international business, having language and cultural experience is vital to my career success. At NB, opportunities to immerse myself in both of those key experiences are bountiful. The cultural encounters experienced through study at NB were invaluable for personal, academic, and career development. I learned so much about myself and others and the competencies needed for cultural interaction not only through classes and communication with teachers, but also through interactions with natives of the country, exploration, and cultural excursions. These uncommon skills will differentiate me in the career market, give me a competitive edge, and ultimately carry me toward success in the international business world. I can honestly say that the NB has changed my life. I am expected to conduct research, use technology to complete tasks, work across departments to meet tight deadlines, and, most importantly, think critically about the work I do. While my working schedule is quite different from that of a student, the work itself is very consistent with the course work. The faculty gave me numerous opportunities to work in teams, conduct research, form my own opinions, and learn and use technology." - Bikash Timilsena GCIB 2016, Currently studying Masters at Roskilde


”Without a doubt, my time at Niels Brock/ De Montfort has been one of the most memorable experiences in my life. The great thing about the university is the range of opportunities it has to offer, not only academically, but it offers an exceptional place for people with a broad range of interests and goals, due to its truly unique mixture of people from different nations. It has been a pleasure being part of this community, and I highly recommend the university to prospective students.” - Sascha Andersen International Marketing part-time student 2008-10


“It was a great time we spent at Niels Brock. Niels Brock has a very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative. The college environment is very positive as well. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The year spent here was splendid and has helped me to grow both professionally and personally. I would like to thank all the teachers and faculties for making me a ‘better person’ “. - John Chaurasia, BA (Hons) Business Administration, graduate 2018, Finance Stream


“Niels Brock gave me a wonderful opportunity to pursue my education and I am thankful for the immense devotion and guidance from tutors, who made my journey a fun and challenging ride. A classroom filled with different cultures added to the joy of studying together under one roof. Thank you Niels Brock for boosting my confidence, personal growth and empowerment in ME”. - Megha Limbu, BA (Hons) Business Administration, graduate 2018, Marketing Stream

Program evaluations