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Sajin Shrestha, Student Representative, BSc (Hons) Business Studies, 2020-2023 - Nepal

The best thing about Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College is that it is an International College which welcomes a diverse group of students from all over the world and offers a global experience of people, cultures, learning techniques, materials, world-class classrooms and infrastructure, full-time academic guidance from globally recognised, professional teachers and lecturers, the most accessible library with a friendly librarian, kind and generous staff members, cozy student lounges, refreshment programs, party-functions, a super-charming Student Coordinator and a very understanding Dean of Academic Affairs.


Sumnima Rai, BSC (Hons) Business Studies, Student 2019-2022, Strategy Stream - Nepal

“Studying at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College has proven to be a wise choice, it is not only about getting knowledge, but also about gaining a lifetime experience with abundant resources and guidance from faculty members and lecturers. I had the chance of taking responsibility as a student representative for my cohort, which has helped me boosting my confidence and taught me to be vocal. Whilst, I have had opportunities to visit companies, attend guest lectures and be a part of Global Days, which helped with my assignments and networking. Niels Brock assures that we get enough guidance whether it be field visit, seminars or webinars”.

BSc (Hons) Business Studies - Sushma Rai, 2021- 2024 - Nepal

“Being a part of Niels brock has been a wonderful journey so far. I am satisfied with my decision of taking a BSc (Hons) Business Studies course here at Niels brock. This course has helped me develop my ability in critical thinking, group work, and my academic and personality development. I am provided with theoretical as well as practical knowledge to understand the course by great experienced professors. Also, I get a lot of opportunities to learn from different professional guest speakers and visit different places within the field of my course, which helped me grow my confidence and personal growth. I am proud to be a part of Niels Brock and the program, and I would recommend anyone who wants to pursue their dreams”.

BSc (Hons) Business Studies - Keshav Neupane, Student 2019-2022, Strategy Stream- Nepal

“Studying at Niels Brock made me a more critical thinker and practitioner. The knowledge provided by tutors in the field of business showed me the path of business. Moreover, I got the opportunity to work as a student representative which made me capable to cope with different fellow students and their difficulties. Co-operative and supportive mindset of tutors took me through the way of strategic thinking and planning. All the outdoor programs and indoor events let to so much knowledge that sharpened my mind. Moreover, I got a lot of extra knowledge regarding business environments, climate change and ways to enter the Danish market through guest lectures. So, I recommend studying the BSc (Hons) programme which will help you to understand better business strategies and make you stronger when it comes to studying further the importance of strategy in business. I feel so glad to study this course and so blessed to be a part of Niels Brock.”

BA (Hons) Business Administration, Dania Vandborg - Sweden, Marketing Stream, 2020-21

"First of all, Niels Brock should not only pride itself from the internationalisation perspective, solely on the diversity of its students from all over the world, it should also be mentioned that the staff are international as well! This has contributed to a more well-rounded experience, making the degree that I received more advanced than at other institutions. The lecturers did not only use the curriculum to teach from the books, they shared experiences from their previous jobs, from trends across news outlets, socials as well as new publications related to the courses. Second of all, the flexibility the institution had regarding my application, and the attention dedicated to ensuring I get the same opportunity as people who applied ahead of me. Niels Brock is an institution that encourages you to apply yourself, that gives you all the tools you need to expand your point of views and ways of thinking. All in all, I can proudly say, that the education I have received with the help of the incredible lecturers, staff and fellow students, has helped me secure jobs on both a national and international level. "

Muhammad Farhad, BA (Hons) Business Administration, Strategy Stream, 2021-22 – Bangladesh

“After working and being away from study for a couple of years, I had to think cautiously about the program and institution of my choice. Fortunately, I found the BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-up programme) in Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, and I am delighted for making that decision. The BA (Hons) includes well rounded curriculum that both challenged and grew my knowledge in all aspects of the business field. My major stream Strategy Management provided an optimal mix of pragmatic methodologies. I enjoyed every bit of being part of this program. Niels Brock has a very wonderful faculty and all the tutors are very much caring and supportive. The year I spent here was amazing and has helped me a lot to grow both professionally and personally. The most exciting experience I found is that I was enjoying the high standard Danish lifestyle, while earning a UK degree. The institution has a very strong network of literature resources and a modern library. I owe Niels Brock so much and I am confident that those students who take their courses seriously, will be rewarded for the rest of their lives. I would like to personally thank each member of the Niels Brock staff who helped me along the way in completing my degree. You are proficient, prompt and your service is outstanding”.

BSc (Hons) Business Studies - Kashan Riaz, first year student 2022 – Pakistan

“Studying the undergraduate degree of BSc (Hons) Business Studies at Niels Brock has gained me invaluable academic insights about business concepts with a profound focus on strategic management that my core subjects are based on. The faculty at Niels Brock is extremely professional and helpful to their students. Student support is always available whenever there is a need of it. Each of the modules is highly practical integrated with autonomous learning to help students progress for professional careers. The campus offers break-out spaces for group work, quiet study zones for individual work and a library all situated at the heart of the city of Copenhagen that offers everything you expect from a city and more. I would highly recommend Niels Brock through my academic experience.”

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