BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, and Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, are proud to offer this 3-year full-time Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science. 


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Take a fully accredited UK Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science

With the digital era continuing to develop rapidly, the role of computing and its impact on our lives is more important than ever. New and innovative computer technologies are constantly being unveiled, with software engineers, systems developers, programmers and analysts playing a vital role in their creation and development. Our Computer Science programme focuses on modern approaches to software systems development, allowing you to explore both the theoretical and practical skills needed to understand programming language concepts, software design methods, secure web systems, computer architecture and computer networks.

Why take a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science in Copenhagen?

In todays rapid evolving world “buzz-words” like Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), GDPR, and Internet Security are heavily used even though few actually knows what they mean and what technologies they cover. Through your studies at this programme, you will not only become able to understand these words; you will also become able to work with the underlying technologies and thereby become able to contribute to future digital development.

The mixture of theory and practice is covered with an emphasis on "why" as well as "what" and you are encouraged to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The practical element gives you the experience needed to develop software systems using modern languages and environments.

The programme prepares you for a wide variety of career opportunities, from programming and developer roles to software engineering, with computer technology closely linked with an extensive range of industries such as medicine, education, entertainment, security and architecture.

Big Data Formindsket

Through your studies at this programme, you will not only become able to understand these words; you will also become able to work with the underlying technologies and thereby become able to contribute to future digital development. The mixture of theory and practice is covered with an emphasis on "why" as well as "what" and you are encouraged to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The practical element gives you the experience needed to develop software systems using modern languages and environments.

Taking your Bachelor at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College you will:

Live, work and study in Copenhagen, Denmark
Get a degree from a UK accredited programme
Kick-start your global career with an accredited degree

Together with De Montfort University we offer:

A diverse curriculum that provides you with an equal balance of theory and practice and is embedded with contemporary technologies designed to tackle modern multi-core platforms
That important professional issues are covered including computer ethics, law, and security. Final year study includes big data, machine learning, and AI
Possibility to tailor your learning to your career ambitions through a range of optional third year modules, including: Functional Programming, Advanced Web Development, Fuzzy Logic and Inference Systems, and Privacy and Data Protection.

Application deadlines


Application period start: September 15*

Application period ends (Deadline): April 17

*It will be possible to make an electronic application for the program no later than 6 months before the deadline

Practical Information

The BSc (Hons) in Computer Science programme is a graduate level 4, 5 and 6 course, in accordance with framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (FHEQ).

DMU programmes and partnerships are quality assured by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

To comply with Danish regulations on the provision of Higher Education programmes aimed at international students, approval has been obtained from the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA).

The UK programmes from both De Montfort University and Middlesex University are regularly evaluated by the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA). The EVA approvals are valid for three years and have a direct impact on the issuing of student visas by the Danish Immigration Authorities. Student visas cannot be issued beyond the validity period of the EVA approvals.

Student visas may not cover the full period of study in the years where individual programmes are being re-evaluated by EVA. Therefore, students must apply for a visa extension covering the period of study exceeding the current EVA approval.

Please note that the Danish Immigration Authorities will require the standard processing fees for the visa extension and the family reunification visas will also have to be extended.

Niels Brock will provide all supplementary documentation free of charge, but does not fund any visa processing fees imposed by the Danish Immigration Authorities.

Future EVA evaluations:

BA (Hons) in Business Administration May 2026

BA (Hons) in Business Management April 2025

BSc (Hons) in Business Studies April 2024

BSc (Hons) in Computer Science April 2025

For further information regarding visa extensions, please visit New to Denmark or contact the Danish Immigration Authorities directly.

Classes will take place on weekdays between 08:30 and 17:15. Please note that in addition to the modules scheduled, students are required to attend academic workshop sessions during the year. These will also be timetabled in advance.

Students will typically attend 12 hours of classes per week during semester plus scheduled workshops. A minimum of 30 hours per week of unscheduled study should be anticipated.

Student will have access to a personalized online timetable.

Academic calendars

Calendar September 2023-24

Required literature are provided at no additional cost.

See the attached for an indicative list of the literature used in the modules of the programme: 

Download core literature list

You will have access to other learning materials with the most important gathered together on an online reading list created by your module leader. The reading list will be in the module area on Mycopenhagenbusinesscollege.

You will also have access to Librarians, Academic Writing and Student Learning Assistants, and IT experts to assist and advise you. If your query is more in-depth, please schedule an appointment with the librarian. The librarian will also be visiting your seminars throughout the academic year to equip you with skills to help you succeed in your programme.

Finally, there are online resources which you can use in your own time to study where and when you choose.

As a graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Computer Science you would be qualified for jobs such as:

  • System developer
  • Database manager
  • Programmer
  • IT consultant
  • Project manager

within industries such as medicine, education, entertainment, and security.

If you would like to take a Masters degree on top of this BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree bear in mind that admission to a Master's degree is at the sole discretion of the admitting institution.

Early registration is recommended. International students living abroad should be aware of the extra time required for obtaining a visa/residence permit - in many cases 3 months or more. For information on visa application procedures, please contact the nearest Danish Embassy or Consulate.* Seats are limited, so please apply as soon as possible in order to secure a place.


Relevant second level education, including A-levels and high school degrees, with Maths, Statistics or equivalent subjects with a grade C minimum. IB: 28 points with 625 at HL. 

The following English language qualifications are accepted at the level specified:

  • IELTS academic: module overall 6.5
  • PTE-Academic: overall score 58
  • TOEFL : 88 (internet based)

 Test results may not be older than 2 years.

The following documents must be submitted with your application:

  • Diploma and transcript of second level education (translated into English)
  • English proficiency test, as per above requirement
  • Letter of motivation
  • Copy of passport (must be valid for duration of studies)


The application form should be submitted by the deadlines listed above. Early booking is recommended.

Applicants will be called in for a virtual interview with the Dean of Academic Affairs to discuss their motivation for applying to the programme as well as to review their qualifications.

Admission decisions will be announced as soon as possible after the application deadline.

If you are accepted into the programme, a Letter of Acceptance including payment details will be sent to the email address provided in the application form.

NOTE: Once you have been accepted into the programme, the first tuition payment needs to be made by the due date stated in your Letter of Acceptance (typically 15 May (non-EU) or 15 July (EU)).

Within one week of having received the payment, Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College will send you a signed ST1 residence permit application form by email, allowing you to begin the visa application process.

Applications must be admitted through the application form on this page.


For further information regarding application and admission, please contact our admission team by email,

The total tuition fee is DKK 285,000.

You may download the fee and payment information below for a full overview of instalments, refunds, additional fees, payment deadlines etc.

Please note that fees and deadlines may vary between different intakes.

Download overview of tuition fees and terms of payment here

If you want to get in touch with a local agent that can help you get more information about studying at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, you can find their contact information

Code of Conduct

Sample Agency Agreement

Commission rates 

Agent certification procedures 

Expression of interest form 

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College is committed to creating a genuinely international experience for students studying in Denmark. This is reflected both in the content of our programmes and in the student body here

Academic Scholarships
Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College is pleased to offer several scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on academic merit, leadership skills and exemplary service and character.

Scholarship Criteria

The goal of the selection process is to recognize students who demonstrate high academic achievement, leadership skills and exemplary character traits, therefore financial need is not a consideration. For BSc students, only those eligible to progress to the final year of study (level 6) may apply. Each scholarship is for 10,000 kr. and will be deducted from the following semester’s tuition fee.


The Scholarship Selection Committee will evaluate candidates on the following criteria:

Academic Excellence

  • Outstanding grades and strong test scores
  • Classroom participation and strong attendance
  • Desire to master subjects and seek learning experiences outside the classroom 
  • Show curiosity and a willingness to learn 
  • Demonstrate originality and innovation 
  • Awards or certificates for academic performance


  • Assume formal leadership roles OR show exceptional leadership skills in class.
  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence 
  • Inspire and encourage others 
  • Take risks and pursue new and original ideas


  • Show concern for others by Identifying student needs and work to solve them
  • Improve student life for everyone
  • Set positive examples for others and function as a role model
  • Demonstrate a high level of integrity, honesty, and conscientiousness
  • Initiate and/or partake in school events (parties, guest speakers, etc.)

Scholarship application deadline

BSc January Cohorts – Monday of Week 8

BSc September Cohorts – Monday of Week 36

How to apply
Scholarship applicants should submit an application in the form of a personal, relevant and well-written essay (max. 800 words). The application should include a description of the achievements and initiatives taken during the programme and should elaborate on the applicant’s success within the selection criteria. 

The application should be sent to: Please name the file: Scholarship_Programme_LastName_FirstName. For example: Scholarship_BSc_Brock_Niels.

Here is an overview of the BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme structure


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