Terms of use and privacy protection

The Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College policy describes:

  • Which personal information is gathered and how it is used
  • How Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College handles, stores and protects personal data
  • How you can access the personal data that NBCBC has registered concerning you

The information in the following is in compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Act article 13 and 14.


By signing up, you agree that Niels Brock will process your personal information, including collecting, processing and disclosing your information to the extent necessary to administer Niels Brock's student administration. The information may also be processed and transmitted for statistical purposes, as well as logging your behavior on the electronic systems we use as part of our work. You further agree that Niels Brock may contact you by electronic mail, including the promotion of Niels Brock's products and participation in arrangements with Niels Brock. Your information will not be sold to other companies for marketing purposes. The Personal Data Act contains rules on the right of access, the right to object to the processing of personal data and the right to obtain corrected information. The right to insight implies a right of the data subject to be informed whether information about the person is processed, what information is being processed, the purpose of the treatment, etc. If you wish to make use of these rights or revoke your consent, please contact the administration at international@brock.dk

In order for you to study at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business it is necessary to gather, treat, store and use personal data. We may only process the information that is necessary for you to receive the education and training and which is either required by law, or which you have given us permission (consent) to use.

By registering with Niels Brock, you consent to Niels Brock processing your personal information, including collecting and passing on your information to the extent necessary to handle the administration if you are a student at Niels Brock.

You also agree that Niels Brock may contact you by electronic mail, including sending advertisements for Niels Brock’s products and events.

We primarily process information about you when you sign up for a course or a program. This information relates to your name, your address, and your educational background. In addition,  information is processed in connection with your studies at Niels Brock. These are test and exam results, leave applications, progress in the program, contacts to academic or student affairs counselors etc.

The personal data is only used in connection with the necessary administrative and pedagogical handling of your studies at Niels Brock.

You are the one who provides us with this data upon registration at the school. In addition, for those studying onsite in Copenhagen, we will also get information from Danish authorities such as the civil registration register and others. Information about your social security number is most often also processed for the purpose of unique identification and as a record number.

The school does not process your sensitive information (eg portrait and health information) without your express consent.

We maintain your transcript and grades for 30 years during which period you can contact us for a certified copy. All other records are deleted within 3 months of graduation.

You can always be informed of what personal information is stored about you. You must contact the administration at international@brock.dk who can then assist you in the inquery. The school has a duty to correct any incorrect information. You can read more about your rights in the Danish Data Protection Agency’s guide to the data subjects’ rights which you find at www.datatilsynet.dk/english

You are entitled to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency if you are dissatisfied with the way in which we treat the personal data. You will find the contact details of the Danish Data Protection Agency at www.datatilsynet.dk/english