Global profile

Our network provides students with international opportunities. International students at Niels Brock get the unique experience of living and studying in Copenhagen. But studying at Niels Brock also means obtaining knowledge about the business world; developing competences that are useful when working in a multicultural environment and open up for international experiences and opportunities.


High teaching standards

The skills and opportunities are obtained through the high teaching standards maintained across all educations offered to Danish and international students at Niels Brock. But it is also achieved through collaborations with other universities. For instance, three of the international programs are offered in collaboration with the Business School of De Montfort University, which is one of Britain’s largest universities. This provides the international students who study in Denmark with access to approximately 150,000 former students from all over the world. This collaboration works to ensure that international students at Niels Brock are not only learning about life in Denmark, but also getting a truly global profile.

Largest business college in Denmark

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College was founded in 1881 and is today the largest Business College in Denmark. The school offers four types of programs to Danish and international students who want to go on exchange in Copenhagen. The courses offered to international students have been carefully designed and developed to turn out graduates who are not only knowledgeable, critical and creative but who are also employable and responsible. In addition, all the courses offered to provide the student with an opportunity to progress to a higher level of education both here in Denmark as well as in other countries around the world. In other words, we make sure that international students who study in Denmark get the most out of their exchange in Copenhagen.