Focus on Learning and wellbeing

New Policy Emphasizing the Positive Learning Environment

At Niels Brock, we are committed to fostering the talent and potential of our students. We recognize that creating an optimal learning environment requires a focus on positive measures that promote concentration, presence, and overall well-being. With this goal in mind, we are introducing new measures from the 2023/24 academic year, aimed at enhancing the learning experience for everyone, all teaching will be mobile-free - just as the pages on the web that primarily belong to leisure time will be turned off. We create peace and a framework around what is important: The academic teaching and togetherness at school.

Cell Phone Policy: Distraction-Free Learning

To ensure a focused learning environment, we will implement a "No Disturbing Cell Phones" policy. Cell phones must be placed in designated "cell phone hotels," which are locked cabinets available in each classroom. Prior to the start of each class, students are required to hand in their cell phones, which will remain securely stored throughout the module session. During lunch break, students may retrieve their phones. In case of emergencies or necessary communication with loved ones, students can utilize the administration, where appropriate arrangements will be made.


Internet Access: Focused and Relevant Content

To ensure an uninterrupted learning experience, we will implement firewalls that restrict access to social media platforms (SoMe), online gaming, streaming services, and online shopping within the premises of Niels Brock. By eliminating these distractions, we aim to create an environment that is solely dedicated to teaching and learning, minimizing disruptions for both students and faculty.

These measures are intended to create a more focused, present, and supportive learning environment. By implementing this policy, we aim to enhance concentration, improve academic performance, and promote overall student well-being.

We believe that by prioritizing these positive measures, Niels Brock will become a place where students can fully engage in their education and unlock their potential.

FAQ about digital rules of the game

Before classes start, mobile phones must be placed (switched off or put on airplane mode) in the suspended, lockable mobile lockers set up in all classrooms. You can take your mobile phone during breaks. If your loved ones need to reach you during the school day, SMS can be sent and you can call back during the next recess.

At Niels Brock, there is no access to pages on the Internet that are irrelevant to teaching and that disturb both you as a student and your tutors. This FAQ hopefully answers most of your questions. If not, write to and we will return with an answer.

To get a good start on all modules (teaching hours), your computer must be closed at the start of classes. Your tutor decides when the computers can be opened and when they should be closed.

If you bring your mobile phone to school, put it in airplane mode and hand it in the locker at the beginning of class. Your tutor locks the mobile locker. You can get your phone back when the module is over.

If the locker is not yet locked, place the phone in the locker, alternatively you must hand it over to your tutor, who will have the mobile placed in the locker at the next opportunity.

If it is a very important call that cannot wait until recess or after school, in exceptional cases you can make an agreement with your tutor that you will be allowed to keep your phone with you so that you can take the call for a certain amount of time,

It is up to your tutor to assess whether it fits into the teaching that you are allowed to carry your phone with you and receive messages during class time,

If you often ask to be allowed to keep your phone with you, your tutor will send you to the Student Affairs Counsellors to clarify the issue.

Then, of course, you are allowed to carry your mobile phone with you at all times. You just need to arrange this with your Student Affairs Counsellors.

If you use the phone for other purposes, it will of course be sanctioned according to our rules and regulations.

It may feel uncomfortable at first if you are used to always having your phone with you and being on social media, etc., but after some getting used to, the discomfort will pass.

What if I have a child in daycare and the institution's staff need to be able to get in touch with me?

In very special crisis or emergencies, the daycare center/your child's school can contact Niels Brock's study administration at 33 41 91 21, who can then get hold of you. 

Your parents can send you a text message, then you can call back when there is a break,

In special emergencies or emergencies, your parents or family can call the school at +45 33 41 91 21.

Then you violate our code of conduct and are sanctioned accordingly.

It should be possible to get over it quickly. You must hand over your phone without unnecessary disturbance. Disturbances can be considered a violation of the code of conduct.

Yes, the watch must be put into airplane mode.

There may be situations where, as a dyslexic or with a similar diagnosis, you need to be allowed to use your computer in order to take notes, have the text read aloud or get help with spelling. In this case, you must contact your Student Affairs Counsellors, who will try to inform your tutor that you should be allowed to use your PC in teaching.

Samples handed out on paper will be handed out to you digitally so that you can use any necessary paper.

FAQ about firewalls

At Niels Brock, there is no access to pages on the internet that are irrelevant to teaching and that disturb both you as a student and your tutors, and we have blocked access to pages on the internet that are about gaming, streaming and social media.

It will be a violation of the school's code of conduct and will be sanctioned.

Yes, and sanctions are imposed for this.

Yes, the IT department can see IP addresses and websites accessed on the school's network.

No, it must either be in airplane mode or off.

The Internet block is set so that it does not block digital books.

The internet blocker blocks only selected categories within the 3 S's: Social Media, Games and Streaming.

Your tutor will make sure this is possible.

The guest network is reserved for school guests and has the same blocks as the students' network.

This allows your tutor to include pages in the classroom that the internet block prevents students from accessing.

FAQ on communication and sanctions

At Niels Brock, there is no access to pages on the internet that are irrelevant to teaching and that disturb both you as a student and your tutors, and we have blocked access to pages on the internet that are about gaming, streaming and social media.

The school's digital policy is in accordance with the code of conduct.

The school may sanction infringements in accordance with the code of conduct.

The sanctions will be:





1st time


Tutor's oral warning

2nd time

Written warning


3rd time

Period of reflection – i.e. expulsion for 5 teaching days (with absence)


4th time


Permanent dismissal

Your tutor decides when to write notes on the computer or read e-books on the computer. Your tutor will typically insert sequences in the teaching, where you will have time to write notes on the computer.

Notes can also be written by hand on paper.

Niels Brock recommends that you take out insurance on your personal belongings.