MSc Int. Business & Management

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De Montfort University, in Leicester, UK, and Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College are delighted to offer this successful UK Master programme in Copenhagen. 

Get ready for your international career

Our MSc programme qualifies you for financial, marketing and managerial posts at home and internationally. This programme is based on best business practices and you will acquire competencies that are vital to the business manager of tomorrow.


Why take an MSc?

  • A one and a half year programme leading to a recognized De Montfort University MSc degree in International Business & Management
  • Teaches you the skills you need for tomorrow’s jobs in Business & Management
  • Live, work and study in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Study at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Denmark's oldest business college

Practical Information

The MSc International Business and Management (MSc IBM) programme is the first  British De Montfort University Master of Science degree programme to also be offered at  Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College. Niels Brock has been delivering De Montfort University undergraduate programmes since 1998 and this MSc programme was successfully introduced in 2011 with a twice-yearly intake.

Future EVA evaluations:

BA (Hons) Business Administration May 2023

BSc (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management March 2023

BSc (Hons) Business Studies April 2024

MSc International Business and Management: April 2025

You will find the current Programme Handbooks here. New editions are issued for every study start.

Programme Handbook (September 2021)

You will find the current Curriculum here. New editions are issued on a regular basis.

MSc International Business and Management Curriculum, September 2021




All 1st semester MSc students will attend classes 4-5 days per week. 

  • Classes may be places Mondays-Fridays on the time span of 12:00-17:00. Variations may occur.


All 2nd semester MSc students will attend 4-5 days of classes per week.

  • Classes may be places Mondays-Fridays on the time span of 12:00-17:00. Variations may occur.


Please note that the outlines above are simplified versions of the current timetables and that changes may occur. Current students should always consult their personalised electronic timetable in UMS.

Academic calendars

Calendar for MSc IBM 2021-22

Graduation calendar MSc IMB 2021-22

Calendar for MSc IBM 2022-23

Programme places are limited, so please apply as soon as possible in order to secure a place.

  • UK 1st or 2nd class Honours business, finance, or marketing degree, or
  • Danish full-time professional Bachelor's business, finance, or marketing degree with a high average, or
  • Equivalent overseas qualifications, or
  • De Montfort University Graduate Certificate in International Business with an average score of 50% or higher
  • American BSc Graduates with a GPA score of 2.50 or higher
  • IELTS academic: module overall 6.5 with 5.5 in each band component. PTE Academic: 58-64. Test results may be no older than 2 years.
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Passport (must be valid for the duration of your studies)


The online application form should be submitted in accordance with the deadlines above. Early booking is recommended.

Admission decisions will be announced no later than 2 weeks after the application deadline.

If the applicant is accepted into the programme, a Letter of Acceptance including payment details will be sent to the email address provided in the application form.

Within one week of having received the payment, Niels Brock will send a signed ST1 residence permit application form by email, allowing the applicant to begin the visa application process.


We only accept online applications. Please apply through the application form on this page.


The current full tuition fee is: DKK 127,500/EUR 17,180

You may download the price list and payment information below for a full overview of instalments, refunds, additional fees, payment deadlines etc.

Please note that prices and deadlines may vary between different intakes.

Download overview of tuition and terms of payment for the September 2021 intake here:

MSc Sep 2021 - Prices and payment

MSc Sep 2021 - Terms of payment

The scholarship serves a valuable purpose: the recognition of merit and achievement. Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of academic merit, the potential for leadership and exemplary service and character. The goal of the selection process is to identify students who demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership, as well as those with unusual aptitudes, uncommon talents and special gifts of creativity or entrepreneurial insight. Particular focus will be on awarding students who demonstrate academic growth and commitment throughout the programme.

Scholarship applicants should submit a personal, relevant and well articulated application (max.1 A4 page). The application should include a description of the achievements and initiatives taken during the first semester(s) of the programme and should elaborate on the applicant’s success within the selection criteria.

This should be sent to

The deadline is the 1st of July for September Cohorts and the 1st of November for January Cohorts

*Students may only apply for scholarships following the second semester of study

Please name the file “Scholarship”_your full name.

The Scholarship Selection Committee will evaluate candidates on the following three criteria: scholarship, leadership and service and character.


Besides, the Selection Committee will consider demonstrated achievement, as well as evidence of future potential.

1. Scholarship

  • Desire to master subjects and seek learning experiences outside the classroom.
  • Have excellent academic standing and strong test scores.
  • Show curiosity and a willingness to learn.
  • Demonstrate originality and innovation.

2. Leadership

  • Assume formal leadership roles such as student representative OR show exceptional leadership skills in class.
  • Committed to excellence.
  • Influence and support others.
  • Take risks and pursue new and original ideas.

3. Service and Character

  • Show concern for others by identifying needs and working to solve them.
  • Improve student life for those around them.
  • Set positive examples for others and function as a role model.
  • Demonstrate a high level of integrity, honesty and conscientiousness.
  • Initiate and/or partake in social events


Scholarship application deadlines will be posted in Mit Niels Brock and announced by Dean of Academic Affairs. The scholarship applies to the final semester fee.

Scholarship applications will be screened and assessed by the Scholarship Committee in consultation with the Faculty. Applicants will be informed of the outcome within a month of the submission deadline. If a scholarship is granted, it will administratively be deducted from your final semester fee



Not accepting new students


An online application form should be submitted in accordance with the deadlines provided in the Application and Admission section. As interest is high, early booking is recommended. Admission decisions are typically made within 10 to 12 weeks after all the application materials have been received. If the applicant is accepted into the programme, a Letter of Acceptance including payment details will be sent to the email address provided in the application form. Within one week of having received the payment, Niels Brock will send a signed ST1 residence permit application form by email, allowing the applicant to begin the visa application process. For more information, visit our Application and Admission section.


Please visit our Prices and Payment page.


International MSc students have the possibility to apply for scholarships. For more information, visit our scholarship sections.


This depends on your class registration. For most intakes, there will be both a morning class and an afternoon class. Lessons in the morning class will usually be held in the time span of Mondays-Fridays, 8:00-12:00, while lessons in the afternoon class will usually be held in the time span of Mondays-Fridays, 12:00-17:00. However, the times vary between 1st and 2nd semester, and changes may occur. For more information, visit our Timetable section.


Tutors are English-speaking Niels Brock professional Higher Education lecturers and instructors from Danish and international business and industry, all approved by De Montfort University. For more information, visit our Academic Staff section.


Instruction is based on a combination of lectures, workshops and cases reflecting academic models and international business practice.


Yes. Attendance is obligatory and will be monitored closely. In case of long-term absence (more than three consecutive days), students must contact the Programme Manager. 


Student performance is assessed on a combination of module coursework and end-of-module exams. Most exams consist of a 2 or 3 hour closed-book written test.


A formal British university ceremony will be held in the presence of representatives of De Montfort University and honoured guests in Copenhagen.

Depending on when you have finalized your programme, graduation takes places in April or August. The specific dates will be published once exam results are finalized.


Niels Brock is based on secular and democratic values. This means that behaviour and attire, which includes religious and undemocratic messages, are not accepted. This includes attire that covers whole or part of the face. This would not be compatible with the school principles for the implementation of education.

If you want to get in touch with a local agent that can help you get more information about studying at Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, you can find their contact information here.

Code of Conduct

Sample Agency Agreement

 “My entire journey right from the moment of my decision to pursue a Masters degree and being part of Niels Brock and DeMontfort University came a full circle this year with an extraordinary achievement on my dissertation. 

The fact that there was an absolute level of involvement and consistent appreciation by the faculty and Program Manager during this program shows how they strive to keep the learning environment alive and exciting to be part of.

Most importantly, academically, this experience helped me to add more of an analytical approach towards problem solving and decision making.

With constant support and guidance, studying at Niels Brock and engaging with the faculty and administration was an experience worth of the time, money and efforts invested for this program.”

Anuradha Venkataraman, MSc IBM 2018 Graduate

 “I am extremely glad to be a part of Niels Brock - DMU. The university is an amazing center of learning, exploring, lecturers and the students who have created a wonderful learning environment. I completed the Niels Brock – DMU Masters in International Business and Management Program. I felt that I obtained enough assistance from the lecturers. My teachers, highly qualified are approachable and very helpful.

 I am having a great experience while studying at Niels Brock-DMU since it has a true multicultural society where people from different nationalities are very well integrated. 

 I have known that the teaching style was modern, demanded students to be independent, and assisted me a lot as it links with my current job. After studying, I have defended my Ph.D and became Associate professor and teaching at the Graduate University of Mongolia. This is an excellent opportunity and very helpful to my career development.”

Erdenechimeg Ya, (Ph.D), Associate  Professor, MSc IBM 2015 Graduate


“I really enjoyed my time at De Montfort University-Niels Brock. It was a very challenging experience working with international students but in the end, I got good friends from other countries. Despite not seeing each other as often still we keep the friendship and manage to catch up when we can.

I took MSc International Business and Management for 1.5 years. The research methodology session had opened doors for me in the research environment. Six months after my graduation, I started working as a research assistant. And, the strong knowledge of research and analysis acquired from DMU helped me to perform my research job well.

" Niels Brock DMU is a great place to study MSc International Business and management-  excellent lecturers, full administrative support and multicultural environment. I would definitely recommend applying to DMU!

Joy Billanes, a former research assistant at the Center for Energy Informatics, University of Southern Denmark, Ph.D. aspirant, MSc IBM Graduate 2015


"This programme has supported my career and aspirations in more than one way. I entered Niels Brock (DMU) with a single objective to get a Master's degree and begin my career in the field of business management but ended up aiming for a much bigger horizon. The institution has an outstanding staff and a much appreciated open-door policy that allows students to build a connection with the module teachers that goes way beyond academic prerogative. I am honored to be a part of Niels Brock (DMU) community and I recommend this institution to all those prospective students who aspire to grow beyond their academic capacity."

Shweta Prabhakar, Associate Philanthropist (i-Marketing Solutions Group, Toronto, Canada) and Ph. D. Aspirant, OBHRM


“You did a Good job-Good management-Congratulation -You Got promotion! A very inspirations compliments Got from my boss at work. This is the moment when I actually realized, how worth this course is and how it has influenced me. Today when I look into the Mirror, I can see myself as a person with confidence and developing knowledge and skills. I would say this course has widened my managerial perspective and given me an idea of how theoretical knowledge can be used in a practical way. There is much more you can achieve through this course than just a certificate. I am very Thankful to Niels Brock /DMU team especially [name], who has been a brilliant support during the course. I am proud to say that I  belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge: Niels Brock College”
Eliza Singh Dongol, Batch 2015-2016 


 “The Master’s programme in International Business and Management has greatly contributed to my global mindset and my organizational understanding. The programme itself really lives up to the standard of conveying knowledge of how international corporations function, what challenges you are facing when trying to work internationally and what specific cultural differences you are going to face. It is enabled by multinational lecturers (e.g. the USA, Pakistan, Egypt, Chile, Denmark) covering all relevant management fields, combined with a student audience from all over the world. This valuable experience has extremely shaped my desire of working internationally. Moreover, a British Master’s degree from a Business College in Copenhagen represents the perfect academic requirement if you want to do so. Thus, I can highly recommend the programme if you are striving of working internationally.”
Markus Scherer, MSC graduate 2016/International Business and Management, Inhouse Consultant for Digitization at R+V, Germany´s 3rd largest insurer

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College is committed to create a genuinely international experience for students studying in Denmark. This is reflected both in the content of our programmes and in the student body here.


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